The Monty Hall Problem


The Monty Hall Problem are a four-piece rock band from Glasgow. Each member of the band varies in their taste of music, from The Stones Roses, to The Rolling Stones or from Glasvegas, to Led Zeppelin. This combination of widely spread influences results in a unique sound with many different aspects to it, making the band not only interesting, but excellent to watch and listen to live. The Monty Hall Problem are also looking forward to the release of their debut album, which they started recording in June and hope to have finished by late August/September.

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See The Monty Hall Problem live at the Classic Grand on Saturday the 15th September.

Mercury Underground


Mercury Underground are a modern rock band, based in Glasgow, Scotland.

With influences in the band ranging wildly from classic and progressive rock to fusion, Mercury Underground aren't your typical rock band using this unique blend of influence to their advantage, creating their own take on the 'classic rock' sound.

In recent times Mercury Underground have been working their way up the ladder, relentlessly crafting their sound. To date, the band have played venues such as Camden Underworld in London, and the world famous venue King Tut's in Glasgow, along the way supporting such acts as Adrenaline Mob, Voodoo Six, Gun, Sick Puppies, Attica Rage and The Sword during their tour with Metallica. They also gained experience in playing European festivals after performing in front of thousands at the MEI Festival in Italy in 2009. Recently they were selected as one of 10 bands worldwide to play at Canada's biggest rock festival, D-TOX Rockfest 2012 and were nominated for a Los Angeles Music Award for Best Hard Rock Band and more recently a Scottish New Music Award for Loud/Metal Recording Of The Year.

On May 4th 2012, Mercury Underground released their new EP through license with Pop Pills/Emu Bands in Glasgow, which is being followed up with live shows to promote as well as licensing in the sports industries and more.

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See Mercury Underground live at the Classic Grand on Saturday the 15th September.

Electric Vocation


Electric Vocation are an alternative metal band that formed in October 2010 after writing a song about their math teacher. They realised they had some songwriting skill so kept at it and wrote more songs. They have their own sound, like a mix of Alt Metal legends Primus, and Thrash masters Metallica.

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See Electric Vocation live at the Classic Grand on Saturday the 15th September.

Sonic Reducers


Sonic Reducers are a three-piece band who have been going together since January 2011, fronted by Daniel Cairney, Chris Roarty on drums and Heather Sneddon on bass. They aren't just your average band as they incorporate different types of music that they enjoy into our music (latin, jazz, reggae etc.). In July, they recorded a live EP (two covers, two originals) and finished their debut album.

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See Sonic Reducers live at the Classic Grand on Saturday 15th September.

Jake Beveridge


Jake Beveridge is an 18 year old Scottish singer-songwriter, his performances varying from a solo acoustic guitar/harmonica one-man band, to lively shows with a five-piece backing band.


"An infectious, upbeat singer/songwriter, Jake Beveridge conjures up a twisting pop storm packed with horn blasts and jaunty riffs. His sound is indebted as much to classic 80s songwriters Edwyn Collins and Scritti Polliti as it is to contemporaries such as Paolo Nutini."


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See Jake live at the Classic Grand on Saturday the 15th September.